Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here's a list of things my husband does that drive me crazy, but make me love him even more:

*He uses a spatula to put peanut butter on bread

*He takes 30 minutes to load a dishwasher because everything has to be completely clean already, and put into the dishwasher spaced evenly 

*He drinks more coffee than should be humanly possible

*He can't fold clothes to save his life

*He gets up multiple times to straighten the blinds  because they aren't perfectly straight

*He can talk like Donald Duck

*He has spikey hair and I think he'll still be rockin' the same style when he's 90 years old

*He will sit and discuss deep topics with our 4-year-old for hours

*He can sew (and I can't)

*He's an amazing cook

*He falls asleep any time he sits still

*When he gets mad, his eyes get really dark green

*He hugs everyone

*He secretly loves our cats

*He smokes a pipe...like an old man...but I think its cute

*He's really great at putting IKEA furniture together

*He works so hard at a job that he hates, just because he loves his family, and wants to provide for us. 
This is the one that means the most to me.  He has worked construction for almost 7 years, and has been burnt out with it for probably 5 years, but still works as hard as he did on day 1.  He has never called in sick, has never missed work, except for the days surrounding his brother's death. (and he would have still worked if his bosses hadn't insisted he take a few days off).  His willingness to hurt his body everyday to provide for our family shows me how much he loves me.  I am so impressed by his work ethic, and his sense of responsibility for us.  He is amazing  :)

*When he gets tired, he starts giggling like a little girl.  (I just needed to add a funny one at the end)

                                            I love you, Jesse!   You Rock!

Monday, May 2, 2011


A few days ago I got a call from "Jane".  She said they made it to where they were headed, and are staying with her grandmother.  I guess that's good.  She said that CPS is still investigating claims that the baby wasn't being taken care of, and that I might receive a call from them.  So, I think the drama is over now and they are in a place to get some help, and make a better life for their daughter.  I pray that they make some tough decisions that will be what's best for the baby, and not themselves.  I guess only time will tell.  Thank you for reading their story and please keep them in your prayers.